Basingstoke-based consultancy Brevity supports the Buddy Bag charity foundation


CHILDREN entering emergency care and beekeepers in Africa are benefiting from the success of a marketing consulting company.

Brevity, a Hampshire-based marketing consultancy that provides content, communications and consultancy services to 20 regional businesses, joined the global B1G1 “donation” movement in early 2022.

Brevity was founded over 10 years ago; the company’s head office is located in Farleigh Wallop, just outside Basingstoke.

As part of the B1G1 movement, Brevity donates to a range of UK and international charities and non-profit projects each time the company completes a new blog, raises a bill or welcomes a new customer.

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One of Brevity’s supported projects, the Buddy Bag Foundation, works to donate “backpacks” to children entering emergency care after fleeing violence at home.

These bags hold essentials, such as toiletries, pajamas, socks, and underwear, as well as comfort items, such as a book or a teddy bear.

Brevity Founder and Director Kaia Vincent said, “Values ​​and being an ethical company have always been the backbone of Brevity.

“We first worked on creating the right culture internally, so Brevity is a really great place to work.

“And now we are turning our attention outward and thinking about how we can use the business as a force for good.

“B1G1 makes it very easy for companies to support good causes.

“We tie donations to specific activities or business gains, so the more successful we are, the more we give.

“That seems fair.”

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Brevity is also currently helping 20 Kenyan farmers maintain their beekeeping business and has enabled 15 young people in India to attend art workshops to develop their creativity and life skills.

Brevity support has so far provided 1,680 days of funding for beekeepers in Kenya, 540 days of a specialist arts program for disadvantaged young people in India and 5 backpacks for UK children entering care emergency.

Brevity already supports the UN Global Goals, a set of 17 commitments agreed by 193 world leaders in 2015 that aim to end extreme poverty, inequality and tackle climate change by 2030.

The Buddy Bag Foundation was founded in 2014; the charity has provided over 40,000 backpacks to people across the UK.

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