Bitfinex ‘satisfied’ with law firm Roche Freedman’s withdrawal from class action lawsuit


“We are pleased with the court’s thorough and well-reasoned decision to remove Roche Freedman LLP as acting class counsel,” a Bitfinex spokesperson said. Decrypt in an email. “Roche Freedman’s repeated attempts to trivialize and separate himself from Kyle Roche’s despicable statements describing unethical conduct were not the least bit convincing.”

The firm was one of several plaintiffs’ representatives in the case, which was originally filed in 2019.

At a hearing on Thursday, the judge presiding over the case called former lead counsel Kyle Roche’s comments ‘singularly stupid’ and said of his firm that he had too much ‘metaphorical baggage’ to serve the interests of the plaintiffs, according to a Bloomberg report.

Roche Freedman’s Crypto Legal Battles

Until last month, Roche was involved in several of its company’s lawsuits against crypto companies, including the Tron Foundation, HDR Global Trading (which operates as BitMEX), and Binance.

During the summer, publications on Crypto Leaks included footage showing Roche bragging about its involvement and ties to Ava Labs. He also said he sued “half the companies” in the crypto industry to collect what would otherwise be confidential information.

In the days following the damning footage, Roche denied making a “secret pact” to help Ava Labs by harming competitors. He wrote in a blog post that Ava Labs “had no input, control, or insight into any of our company’s class action lawsuits on the plaintiffs’ side.”

Roche has filed a motion to opt out, but not its company, from the Tether and Bitfinex class action lawsuit. In a letter responding to the motion to dismiss, the plaintiffs called the controversy “a huge distraction from the case.”

Neither Kyle Roche nor Ava Labs immediately responded to a request for comment from Decrypt.


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