Black woman-owned law firm promotes work-life balance for employees



(Rosezena Pierce is the CEO and Founder of RJ Pierce Law Group. Photo credit: courtesy Rosezena Pierce)

Rosezena Pierce is CEO and Founder of RJ Pierce Law Group, a virtual trademark law solidify. Her practice assists business owners and minority entrepreneurs throughout the process of trademark.

Originally from Chicago, Pierce first came to Atlanta to attend John Marshall Law School. A mother of three, her children were 11, 9 and 3 months old when she graduated. She took the Uniform Bar Exam in February 2013 and did not get the results until April. For Pierce, it was the first time she had not worked or attended school.

“It was then that I realized that I really miss motherhood, because I worked and went at school, even when my older kids were little, ”Pierce said. “I was in conflict because I really had I wanted to be a lawyer, but I also wanted to be a mother.

After passing the exam on the first try, Pierce had to take a professional liability course in order to get his license. The instructor for this course also taught lawyers how to open their own practice and encouraged Pierce to do so. He recommended that she serve the most underserved people in her community, so Pierce started helping minority business owners.

“Fast forward to eight years later, I have a multi-million dollar law firm where we only do trademark law representing small business owners and artists,” Pierce said. She started growing her business through word of mouth for the first three years. “I come from a poor neighborhood in Chicago,” Pierce said. “My community was just thrilled to know a lawyer who actually lived in the community with them. ”

She has worked in the areas of contract law, business creation law, real estate and trademarks. She eventually realized that she wanted to focus only on trademark law because she was able to help people all over the country since it was federal law.

Trademark law has also gone well with its virtual business model, as it has the ability to reach individuals from anywhere via the internet and social media. Pierce wanted her law firm to be virtual so that she could create a healthy work-life balance for herself and her family.

The staff of the RJ Pierce Law Group are predominantly black women, most of whom are also mothers. During the time she spent working in a physical law firm, Pierce worked primarily with white men, with women working in support roles. She wanted to use her business to enable minority women to work in the legal industry and also to be present in their families.

The RJ Pierce Law Group has filed over 2,800 trademark applications to date. Pierce strongly recommends that anyone opening a business first register their name.

“The first thing you want to do is research the name,” Pierce said. ” You want to do Make sure the name is available to you because you don’t want to start and build a brand on someone else’s name and then you get a cease and desist letter, and now you have to start it all again.”



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