Club Statement: Board of Directors


Adelaide Football Club can confirm the resignation of board director Nick Takos today.

Takos does not wish to be vaccinated against COVID-19, which puts him in violation of the Club’s vaccination policy, and he is unable to fulfill his obligations.

Following the AFL’s publication of its COVID-19 vaccination requirements for male and female players and soccer staff, the Crows have developed and implemented an internal policy for their administration.

He required managers and staff, as well as contractors and volunteers, to receive their first dose of vaccine by November 19 and be fully immunized by December 17.

Last month, management at Adelaide Oval also announced that anyone wishing to enter the site, which hosts all AFL games in South Australia, must be fully vaccinated.

Crows chairman John Olsen said talks have been going on with Takos for several weeks.

“We have a duty of care to all associates at the Club and, therefore, we have developed a COVID-19 vaccination policy to ensure that there are appropriate health and safety requirements to protect our people and the community at large, ”said Olsen.

“As a manager, you are obligated to attend meetings at club headquarters and the Adelaide Oval, as well as games and other events involving players, coaches, staff and business partners, and Nick does is no longer able to do so. . “

The vacant board position created by Takos’ resignation will be filled when the club conducts its annual process of nominating and electing directors elected by members early next year.

This means that candidates will then be sought for two positions, with outgoing manager Rod Jameson also approaching the end of his current two-year term. Jameson has confirmed he will re-nominate himself for the board.

Business lawyer Shanti Berggren, who ran second behind Takos in this year’s membership election, became a board-appointed director in March.

The directors of the Adelaide Board are John Olsen (Chair), Linda Fellows (Vice Chair), Mark Ricciuto, Richard Fennell, Kate Ellis, Warren Randall, Rod Jameson, Stephen Roche and Shanti Berggren.


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