Community and school staff express disapproval of Marietta school board members


MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) – The school year has just started, but the Marietta Board of Education has its work cut out for it.

About 60 community and school staff attended the last council meeting, many of whom expressed disapproval of the council members.

Some cited poor performance in literacy and math.

“Our children’s math scores are 36%! This is unacceptable, ”said a member of the community.

Others have expressed disapproval of the way the money is spent.

“We’re paying Vincent Group for monthly IT services for $ 10,334 a month, but they don’t have any technology here tonight,” a man said at the meeting.

And others mentioned that they thought teachers were overworked and underpaid.

“If Marietta City Schools truly values ​​creating a positive school climate and pride in our district, why do professional and classified staff have to work several months without a contract to be offered a small increase and reduction in the HSA contribution?” ? A woman mentioned.

And while the board hasn’t discussed or voted on the matter, many have expressed disapproval of Superintendent Will Hampton potentially receiving an 18% raise and extending his contract.

“Now, a few months later, the same council is proposing to offer the superintendent an 18% increase in all benefits paid by the district 10 months before the current contract expires,” said one woman.

Many have called on board chairman Russ Garrison, other board members and Superintendent Will Hampton to step down.

Garrison says the board hasn’t discussed all of the details of Hampton’s contract renewal.

“It was not on the agenda tonight. Clean life in terms of social media has taken off so you let people speak and we continue to follow the process that we are following, ”said Garrison.

Garrison says this process, created by the state of Ohio, requires a board to renew all contracts between Jan. 1 and March 1. Many board members who will vote on Hampton’s contract renewal will no longer be on the board in 2022, sparking outrage from the community and school staff.

The next board meeting will be on September 27 at Marietta High School where further discussions on these issues and more will continue.

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