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WEIRTON – Variants of two structures intended to accompany a new community garden operated by the Weirton Christian Center received support from the Weirton Zoning Appeal Board on Tuesday.

Geoff Phillips, speaking on behalf of the Christian Center, explained that the first variant was to allow the installation of a pavilion currently located on neighboring land, on the property with the garden.

The exemption was to allow an ancillary structure on a separate lot from the main structure, which could not normally happen under the Unified City Development Ordinance.

“There is no main structure on the property,” Phillips said, explaining that the site had been split into two plots.

Phillips explained that the Weirton Christian Center uses the community garden as part of its educational program and that the pavilion will provide shelter while the youth are in the garden, located across from the Christian Center on Ivy Street.

Board member Bill Frohanapfel noted that he was among those who originally built the pavilion.

A similar exemption request was made to install a shed on the community garden site. The shed had been used in a garden the Christian Center had operated near its old downtown location.

Both requests were approved by a 3-0 vote, with member Amanda Alexander recusing herself while serving on the board of directors of the Weirton Christian Center.

The board also approved, 4-0, an application by Christina and Robert Rosnick for conditional use for a preschool on School Street.

Neither was in attendance on Tuesday, but Kaleb Knowlton, program director for the city’s planning and development department, said he understood the current owner to include the approval. of the permit in the purchase contract.

“They needed the conditional use permit to buy the building”, he said.

Alexander, presenting the motion for approval, explained that the property was already in use for a preschool, noting it as the site of the Pipinos Head Start.

The other exemption requests approved by the Zoning Council were as follows:

Alex Hoffman, 475 Colliers Way, to allow for a 12 square foot post and panel in a planned unit development district. Hoffman explained that there is already a monument sign on the property, which is the first church of the Nazarene.

Industrial Technology Applied, 243 Three Springs Drive, to accommodate 60 square foot wall sign. The UDO would normally only allow a 32 square foot panel for the space.

Jonathan Burrell, 154 Beacon Drive, to allow for an additional driveway, 24 feet wide and 58 feet long, for a single-family dwelling.

Francis August, 3914 Brightway, for a 6 foot high fence in the front yard of a corner lot. The UDO defines a maximum height of 4 feet.

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