D51 School board members provide clarification after executive session


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Following the first District 51 School Board Executive Session this week, a second agenda was released this time at 3:15 p.m.

School District 51 board member Doug Levinson addressed the crowd, saying the board never intended to schedule a meeting during school hours: , it wasn’t. not intentional, hope you all know that,” Levinson said.

The board then proceeded to an executive session to review the employment contract of Deputy Superintendent Brian Hill.

Previous contract reviews have already been conducted for Superintendent Diana Sirko and Director of Equity and Inclusion Tracy Gallegos, “There are no issues with the contracts of Mr. Gallegos, Dr. Sirko and of the owner’s representative”, Andrea Haitz, D 51 School said the chairman of the board.

After the three-hour meeting, Haitz called everyone back to the courtroom. Brian Hill was chosen to be the district superintendent a year ago.

Council then passed a resolution stipulating that contracts for the position of superintendent must be negotiated before council in a public meeting.

Haitz states that none of the contracts for Superintendent Hill have been brought back to the board for approval at a public meeting, “We are now engaged in a unanimous effort to reach an agreement that is both legally valid, which will gain speedy approval, by this board and Dr. Hill so that all of us who serve the district can refocus our attention on the educational mission of the district,” says Haitz.

The Mesa Valley Education Association was present at both board meetings. Association President Tim Couch says he’s glad the board took the time to clear things up. According to Couch, today’s meeting (2/9) builds trust in the education system and the next board meeting on Tuesday (2/15), is the time for board members to confirm his focus. on the education mission of the districts.


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