Ducks appeals to law firm to investigate CEO Bob Murray


Murray has been put on administrative leave indefinitely while a third party investigates charges of improper professional conduct against the Ducks general manager. (Getty)

The Anaheim Ducks have enlisted the help of a third party to investigate the misconduct charges against Executive Vice President and General Manager Bob Murray.

Murray was put on administrative leave for an indefinite period and Deputy Managing Director Jeff Solomon will assume his interim role as long as the investigation continues.

This decision came “on the recommendation of (the) initial findings” of the investigative team at law firm Sheppard Mullin, which may be indicative of the seriousness.

Here is the full statement provided by the Ducks:

“We recently became aware of charges of improper professional conduct against Bob Murray. After an internal review, we asked Shephard Mullin to conduct an independent investigation. On the recommendation of their initial findings, we decided to put Bob on administrative leave pending final results. the interim, vice president of hockey operations and assistant general manager, Jeff Solomon, will assume the role of interim general manager. We will not have any further comments until the investigation is complete.

The Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins have been facing a tough time for hockey and hockey culture lately, and in the case of the Blackhawks, a real calculation from an organizational standpoint after the cover-up of sexual assault.

What happened and the seriousness of the charges remain unknown at this point, but the issue is obviously serious enough to warrant further investigation.

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