Election Council approves new provisional electoral district map


Once court cases are completed, the Council of Elections will send each voter a postcard, listing their new legislative districts in the state, as well as their polling location, which may change in 2022.

“The impact on voters is that, very roughly, about 25% of voters in Montgomery County will be notified of a constituency change, almost 100% will have an Ohio House / Senate district change, and in in some cases, also a change of polling place. “Greathouse said.” Voters can pick up the BOE postcard ahead of the May 2022 and November 2022 (elections) primaries. “

The new Montgomery County map will be released in its entirety in the coming weeks, according to Election Board officials, and residents will be able to view it on the BOE County website.

Those considering running for office or circulating petitions for any office for the May 2022 primary – which has a deadline of February 2, 2022 – are “strongly encouraged” to contact the BOE office. for advice “on the areas most likely to provide qualified signatures for any office,” Greathouse said.

“We know this is all quite complex and can be confusing, and we will do our best to help,” she said.

Candidates in Montgomery County can call 937-225-5656 anytime with questions or clarification.


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