GFDA organizes strategic planning meeting


GREAT FALLS – The GFDA is developing a new regional economic development strategy. The organization is working with the national economic consultancy firm Barber Business Advisors to develop the plan.

The first step in the process is hearing from the people who live and work in Great Falls, and a forum was held on Wednesday, September 15 to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to Great Falls’ economy.

GFDA President Brett Doney explained, “Everyone in the community and the region has so much more knowledge than we or certainly the consultants we have hired. So it’s really important that we hear, we tap into this database of a lifetime of knowledge. both on the region and on particular industries so that we can really integrate that into the strategic planning process.

Consultants from Barber Business Advisors are in town this week to facilitate the listening session and gather information, and will be back in October.

At the end of November or beginning of December, they will present their findings to the GFDA. After that, the economic strategy plan will start to materialize. The goal is to get all organizations in the Great Falls community to move in the same direction through immediate, medium and long term initiatives.

People can also give their thoughts on the economy of Great Falls by completing a survey. by clicking here.


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