How to prove bad faith insurance occurred in Mississippi



Bad faith tactics are used more often than you might think by insurance companies. Since insurance companies save money when they deny claims, there is an incentive for them to make excuses. Your strength in this is being able to recognize when these excuses are careless. When you know this, you can start taking action to prove the bad faith Mississippi insurance tactics that have been used against you. Speak to a bad faith Mississippi insurance attorney to find out more.

How to recognize bad faith insurance

The first step in proving bad faith insurance is to recognize bad faith insurance. There are several ways to recognize bad faith insurance that revolve around vigilance. Being vigilant means looking for:

  • Inconsistencies
  • Weird or illogical excuses
  • Delay your claim for no reason
  • Make false statements against your claim
  • Ignore your concerns
  • Cut off communication with you

You should also know what constitutes bad faith insurance. The most common types of bad faith that people face are:

  • Wrongly rejected claims
  • Delayed claims
  • Refusal to negotiate
  • Pay you less than you need

Be careful not to sign anything without knowing the details of the agreement. You might be better off contacting a Mississippi personal injury attorney before signing anything. A lawyer can proofread the contracts to make sure you are not cheated. Some contracts are designed to make you waive your rights to compensation.

Proving bad faith insurance in Mississippi

You could drop a bad faith insurance claim when your insurance company has not settled your claim when it should have. This means you have to prove what your insurance agent or business was negligent about. Whether that means proving that your application was wrongly denied or delayed depends on your situation.

Proving that your claim has been delayed involves collecting evidence of the delay and evidence to support the claim that has been delayed. If your claim was a car accident claim, for example, then you will want to collect as much car accident evidence as possible. This is important to demonstrate why your request should not have been delayed.

The same applies when your request has been wrongly refused. In order for the court to take your bad faith insurance claim seriously, you must also be able to prove your personal injury claim. A lawyer can help you gather evidence of how your claim was wrongly denied. This may involve testimonials and insurance documents.

Your lawyer can explain how the insurance agent tried to trick you into an unfair deal or failed to negotiate. A lawyer can also help you point out errors or apologies made by your insurance agent.

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer in Mississippi

No one should have to put up with the confusing and stressful tactics of insurance companies. You may not have to settle for any compensation when your claim has been wrongly denied. Call the German law firm, PLLC today by dialing (607) 487-0555 to speak to a bad faith Jackson insurance attorney for a consultation. Our team of lawyers may be able to help you obtain compensation for the damages you have suffered. We are located in Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford and other cities in Mississippi.



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