Jackie Robinson Day reminds Cairo they can make a difference too


CAIRO, Ga. (WTXL) — A special visitor showed up in Grady County on Friday. The World Series trophy won by the Atlanta Braves last fall made its debut on Jackie Robinson Day!

He arrived in Cairo just in time for another special occasion

The children of the Boys and Girls Club that bears his name were inspired by the visit to the trophy.

“I’ve spent my life in this park and the six playing baseball here, my brothers and sisters. To have Jackie Robinson for the Braves to represent him and come back here, we love it,” Timothy Simmons said.

Timothy Simmons grew up in Cairo. He said it was important to share this day with his granddaughter.

“To see that someone from a small town like Cairo can grow up where the world still celebrates his name and what he did, it’s an honor to be here,” Simmons said.

In 1947, Jackie Robinson changed Major League Baseball by becoming the first African-American player to play at the top level for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

On Friday, the Jackie Robinson Boys and Girls Club reminded children that they too can change the world.

“We instill in our children that Jackie Robinson was born here. You come out of the same dirt, the same clay,” said Stephen Francis.

Stephen Francis, director of the Jackie Robinson Boys and Girls Club, said he wanted his students to stand up for what they believe in.

Robinson’s legacy lives on in the Cairo community.

He was born here, now, Amy Hagan said during the World Series Trophy visit here too,

“In little Cairo was amazing,” said Amy Hagan.

She said the Atlanta Braves baseball team gave them so much.

People lined up for hours to take pictures with the trophy.

People from all cultures and all walks of life.

A unit according to Simmons is necessary.

“Boys and girls bring young men and women together they are the future of this country so so they can see how small we are people still notice you I’m just glad our young people can see that,” Simmons said.

A historic day offering the children of the club a memory they will never forget.

The Atlanta Braves gifted the Jackie Robinson Boys and Club with a new van and every director on the board received a 2021 championship ring.


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