JS Held Subsidiary Ocean Tomo Releases Brand Value Report


Ocean Tomo, part of JS Held

The Ocean Tomo brand report provides an insightful and pragmatic roadmap to understanding the key drivers of brand value.

Ocean Tomo, LLC, a subsidiary of JS Held, has released its Brand Report, providing a practical and actionable understanding of the drivers of brand value. In the report, Ocean Tomo draws on the company’s years of experience conducting countless brand assessments.

Through the Ocean Tomo Brand Report, we provide insight into our perspective on what makes brands valuable. “Ocean Tomo’s service offerings that cover intellectual property from a litigation, valuation, strategic and transactional perspective put us in a unique position to be able to understand brands and the role they play in the market,” notes Ocean Tomo director Noor Al-Banna. Ultimately, each brand and the context surrounding its use is unique, and there are exceptions to every rule. Therefore, it is critical that businesses, appraisers, attorneys and others take these unique considerations into account when evaluating trademarks.

The year-long market research leading up to the publication of this report identified a slew of inconsistent and often impractical advice on brand value analyses. To address this market need, “The Ocean Tomo Brand Report provides an insightful and pragmatic roadmap to understanding the key drivers of brand value,” notes Andrew Goldstein, Valuation Analyst at Ocean Tomo.

Marketing departments can struggle to articulate the relationship between their brands and their profits and are therefore often unprepared to justify or quantify the need for long-term investment in brand assets. “With the increasing dominance of online and virtual commerce, brand assets have become central to consumers and essential assets for the success of commercial enterprises. Given their importance, the ability to identify and measure key metrics affecting brand value is a baseline for effective asset management,” says Greg Campanella, CEO of Ocean Tomo.

Trademarks are ubiquitous and can be valuable intangible assets. Sonja Popovich, Expert Testimonial Analyst at Ocean Tomo, adds, “Ocean Tomo sees brands as powerful assets to any business. create and capitalize on the value of your brand help create a foundation to communicate its potential to the market.” The framework outlined in the Ocean Tomo brand report highlights the most important factors in order to communicate value to customers, to marketers and boards of directors and to quantify the financial value of a brand.

To learn more, download the Ocean Tomo Brand Report here: https://www.oceantomo.com/media-center-item/brand-report/ or contact Andrew Goldstein at [email protected] or +1 415 946 2572; or Sonja Popovich at [email protected] or +1 312 327 4432.

About Ocean Tomo

Founded in 2003, Ocean Tomo, LLC provides financial expertise, management consulting and advisory services related to intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets; business accounting surveys; regulatory and reporting obligations; solvency and restructuring; and contractual or competition disputes.

Practice offerings deal with economic damage calculations and testimonials; accounting investigations and financial forensic accounting; valuation of technologies and intangible assets; strategy and risk management consulting; Mergers and Acquisitions; private placement of debt and equity; and intellectual property brokerage.

Intangible assets represent 90% of business value, but are also subject to significant impairment due to business and regulatory compliance risk. Ocean Tomo assists its clients – corporations, law firms, governments and institutional investors – in realizing the value of Intellectual Capital Equity® at large.

Ocean Tomo is part of JS Held, a global consulting firm. With more than 100 offices worldwide, JS Held assists its clients – corporates, insurers, law firms, governments and institutional investors – with complex technical, scientific and financial matters relating to all assets and value at risk.

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