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Volunteer Board Members guide the important efforts of our local nonprofit organizations. Laura Case served on the Estes Park School Board for almost eight years; she has been president for the past four years. Case’s term will end in November.

Many of the Estes Valley board members sit on more than one board or serve on regional boards that complement their work at the local level. Case is also a member of the Colorado Association of School Boards and the Centennial Board of Cooperative Educational Services (an agency that provides common educational resources and services to school districts in northern Colorado). She says, “I have enjoyed serving on these boards as it has connected me with our community and other Colorado school districts to create meaningful change and progress within our school district and beyond. of the. I enjoyed engaging with our community to foster greater participation and contribution to public education. I appreciate the positive impact of this commitment on our youth, our families and the future of our community.

Case and many other dedicated nonprofit board members guide more than 70 nonprofits serving Estes Park. EPNRC believes it is important to help board members understand their roles and responsibilities in order to ensure that they are prepared to provide informed guidance to nonprofit organizations. The Nonprofit Board of Directors Training is a six-part series that covers the inner workings of board service: how to maintain strategic direction, how to provide financial oversight, and how to govern through effective policy. are just a few of the topics.

EPNRC encourages you to join other committed community leaders by putting your passion into action as a nonprofit board member. We’re here to help connect you with organizations looking for board members and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to lead with confidence. Learn more and sign up for the Board Governance series online at

To learn more about the Estes Park Board of Education, visit The Estes Park Education Foundation is another organization that supports innovation and programs in our schools. They are looking for additional board members, especially with marketing and accounting skills. Learn more about this organization by visiting

EPNRC provides a list of non-profit organizations in and operating in the Estes Valley on our website. To see a full list of these organizations and their missions, visit

EPNRC continues to celebrate board members throughout the month of July. If you have a board member (or colleague) that you would like to highlight, please send an email to [email protected]


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