Law firm to open office in White Plains


A law firm that has offices in five states and more than 260 attorneys comes to White Plains.

Bond Schoeneck & King PLLC, which has offices in Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Kansas in addition to New York, plans to open an office in White Plains this month, the location of which will be announced.

“We have high hopes for this office in the future in terms of expansion, both in terms of the lawyers who work there and our clientele,” said lawyer Kevin Bernstein, chairman of the board of directors of cabinet, in the Business Journal.

The organization already has offices in New York State in Albany, Rochester, Utica, Buffalo, Saratoga Springs, Garden City and Manhattan, as well as its headquarters in Syracuse.

“One of the major geographic deviations was Westchester County,” said Bernstein, explaining that the plan is to cover the Hudson Valley from his office in Albany and the new one from White Plains.

“Westchester County has been part of the company’s strategic plan for many, many years. We already have a clientele in Westchester County, ”said Bernstein. “We see an opportunity to expand this customer base from a private and public sector perspective. White Plains is sort of an economic hub for Westchester County and there is a lot of activity.

Lawyer Kevin Bernstein

Bernstein said that initially eight attorneys and support staff would work in the White Plains office. Major areas of practice include labor and employment law, health and long-term care, and higher education.

“We represent a number of colleges and universities, large and small, in the tri-state area but also nationally, so this is a very important area of ​​practice for us,” said Bernstein. “We have a lot of healthcare law clients, be they hospitals, hospital groups or nursing homes, lots of different clients related to health and long term care. We do this from a labor and employment perspective, but also basic regulatory work and even sometimes procurement work in this area.

“We are doing a lot of work in the public sector and we hope it will continue,” he added. “We represent a number of municipalities and school districts in the tri-state area, including Westchester County. We represent a number of exempt and not-for-profit organizations.

Bernstein said the company also does a lot of real estate development work, appearing before local planning boards and other city bodies on behalf of clients. He said the firm plans to expand its practice in wills and estates as well as various areas of business law, including mergers and acquisitions.

When asked if he would agree with the observation that we live in an increasingly contentious society, Bernstein said: “From the most basic level there is a greater demand. lawyers. However, I also find that the courts become more focused once a case is filed, to try to resolve issues, whether through mediation, court conferences or otherwise.

“I see an effort on the part of the courts to try to resolve the issues before they become the subject of full litigation,” he continued. “Beyond that, you always have cases on behalf of clients that should probably be settled from a business standpoint, but sometimes there are principles at stake that need to be argued.”

Bond Schoeneck & King has made a name for itself among some members of the business community through the preparation of a comprehensive 500-page guide covering employment law in New York. “New York Employment Law: The Essential Guide” was published under the auspices of the New York State Bar Association, which offers the book to members while non-members can order it through Amazon.

About 80 lawyers of the firm’s labor, employment and benefits practices contributed to the text, which was edited by Louis P. DiLorenzo and Jeffrey A. Kehl of the firm.

Prosecutor Louis P. DiLorenzo.  Photo by Michael Paras Photography LLC
Prosecutor Louis P. DiLorenzo. Photo by Michael Paras Photography LLC

“It fills a gap of all the loopholes and special issues that are unique to New York law and which are not the same as federal law,” DiLorenzo told the Business Journal. “It’s for the general practitioner who sometimes has to answer questions for his clients. It’s for the human resources people. It’s for people who own businesses. The gist of the book’s preface is that these are the rules to help you answer questions about what the law is.

Among the specificities covered: cases of compensation for industrial accidents; unemployment; wages; discrimination; and employee discipline.

“When you look at the spectrum of legal work, employment law is usually more of the tail than the dog,” said DiLorenzo. “There are tax issues, there are business issues, there are litigation and general cases and all those kinds of things that corporate lawyers have to deal with, and then the job is a little bit sometimes. no longer a service area.

“We are known and have been since 1935, as a company specializing in what we call labor work, that is to say unions in the public and private sectors,” he added. “This is our strong point. As unions have shrunk a lot in the private sector but have grown into the public sector, many firms have lost this expertise and people have retired and increasingly younger lawyers have not had the chance. to train at the feet of mentors who only work from work.

DiLorenzo said the job of the job involves advising employers on a union campaign as the union seeks to represent their employees, negotiate employment contracts – including the first and renewals – and then conduct labor arbitrations. work in accordance with these contracts.

DiLorenzo has said he will be moving from Midtown Manhattan to White Plains and hopes to be close to the White Plains office, but he also plans to take the train to the company’s office in the city.


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