Lee County EDAC calls on Patricca to consider resigning


LEE COUNTY – The Lee County Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee is calling on Lee County School Board member Chris Patricca to consider stepping down.

It comes after Patricca made public comments about Guatemalan students in the district that many found offensive.

This committee is made up of 15 community members who offer recommendations for the school board to follow.

On Monday night, they passed two motions: one condemning what Patricca said and asking council to hold her accountable until a vote of no confidence, and the other asking her to consider resigning.

Specifically, committee members took offense at Patricca’s comments dating back to the Estero Community Leaders Council meeting on September 24, where she said in part “The biggest challenge … [Guatemalan students] from the bathroom because they’ve never seen running water before.

We saw people at the last school board meeting protesting and asking for Patricca’s resignation after these statements.

We had the chance to speak with school board member Betsy Vaughn on Monday evening, who is the liaison for EDAC. She explained their reasoning.

“The EDAC committee would like Ms. Patricca to consider stepping down. One of the things that was mentioned at the start of their discussion was that if a principal or teacher had said something like Ms. Patricca said, they would probably lose their focus. job, says Vaughn.

We contacted Patricca on Monday evening to get her response to the committee’s call for her resignation, but we have not received a response.

Vaughn tells us that she plans to relay EDAC’s recommendations to the school board at her next action meeting. It will be Tuesday, October 19.


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