Letter: Raabe’s qualifications make him a good candidate for the school board


For the editor-

On Tuesday, April 5, I will be voting for Dennis Raabe for the Stevens Point School Board.

Here’s why he has my vote.

Dennis has experience.

Dennis has had a long career in education, primarily as a school or school district leader. Most of his leadership roles have been with the Stevens Point School District. Several years ago, I had the privilege of knowing Dennis when he came out of retirement to become the district administrator for a nearby school district where I work. Dennis has held a few other acting district administrator positions around the state since leaving our district. Dennis’ extensive experience in the Stevens Point School District will give him a head start as a school board member. Additionally, he now brings with him the experiences he has had in the other districts he has been to, which gives him a complete perspective on education.

Dennis is present.

There were many things that I admired and appreciated about Dennis as leader of our school district. What I admired and appreciated most was that he was there. Denis is a sociable person. He knew the 100+ staff at our school by name, not because he had to, but because he wanted to. Dennis was regularly visible in our hallways. Many students and families also knew him. As an educator and parent in the district, it feels good to be seen by our leader. It is now more important than ever that our school leaders, including school board members, are present in our schools. I know Dennis will be there and get to know as many district students, staff and families as possible.

Denis is accessible and attentive.

Because Dennis is so present, he is extremely approachable. As an educator working in his district, I felt his door was always open and I could come to him with a problem or concern. Before making district decisions, Dennis often sought knowledge and opinions. He listened to anyone willing to share. I think that’s an important attribute for school board members. I know that as a member of the school board, Dennis will continue to be an enthusiastic and active listener to any student, teacher or parent wishing to share an opinion or concern.

Dennis is not afraid to make tough decisions.

As head of our school district, Dennis was responsible for making many decisions that affected our students, their families, and our staff members. Dennis did not make these decisions lightly. He did his own research. He spoke to the staff members. He formed committees as necessary, involving all parties who would be affected by the decision. He made no decision until he was well informed. Ultimately, he kept the best interests of our students, their families, and staff members in mind. Sometimes those decisions weren’t the most popular, but Dennis wasn’t afraid to make tough decisions if they were the right ones. The Stevens Point School Board needs someone who is willing to take the time and research before making tough decisions. Dennis Raabe is that person.

Dennis believes in community.

Dennis is a strong believer in community. While in my district, Dennis made building our school community a top priority, and staff morale soared. Low morale has affected everyone everywhere in recent years. Dennis has a way of bringing people together. He will continue to champion community development throughout the district.

Dennis Raabe is exactly the kind of person we need as a school board member. Join me on April 5 and vote Dennis Raabe for the Stevens Point School Board.

Sarah Scheunemann
Stevens Point

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