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NASSAU, BAHAMAS – King tide has been identified as one of the main culprits in the downtown flooding last month, according to BRON Ltd managing director Carlos Palacious.

“Royal tides are basically a time when we have super, super high tides and it has to do with the alignment of the sun, moon and earth; this creates a strong gravitational pull, which leads to very high tides, Palacious said in an interview with the local development consultancy.

Carlos Palacious, Managing Director of BRON Ltd.

He said: “These tides, as you can imagine, are raising the water level. When the water table is very high, the water has nowhere to go.

“As a result, the ocean is higher than it normally would be. Then when we get heavy rains on top of that, we have flooding.

Kevin Sweeting, General Manager – Civil, noted that modern development in the area prohibits the natural cycle of water, making the city center vulnerable to such flooding.

“Flooding in itself is a natural occurrence,” said Sweeting.

“When we have rain, melting ice, storm surges, rising water, natural bodies of water like rising seas and rivers, and we have excessive amounts of water deposited on the ground ; we have a lot of standing water.

“When this water now begins to affect us as humans and our natural environments, it causes a nuisance. It can hinder or hinder our movements and at worst cause damage to our structures and infrastructure, so now we have flooding. ”

He said: “Percolation is the main form of rainwater discharge, therefore, waterfalls from the sky, they hit the earth, whether that earth is an open surface, like grassy areas or bushy areas. , this water will now seep into the ground and it actually goes back to the water table, so it’s actually a natural occurrence and it helps replenish our groundwater.

“When we have development in towns and villages, and we now introduce buildings with roofs, sidewalks, sidewalks, parking lots, we now have impermeable surfaces.

“These are surfaces that do not allow water to seep or seep into them naturally,” Sweeting added.

Kevin Sweeting, Managing Director – Civic, of BRON Ltd.

Palacious gave additional insight into the root cause of the flooding, noting that Bay Street is reclaimed land.

“So when we would have dredged the harbor decades ago, we would have used it to build Bay Street,” Palacious said.

“So most of Bay Street is salvaged, which means it wasn’t there before we filled it.

“It’s obviously very critical any time we change nature – which was exactly what we were doing – that we not only make sure we put in proper systems, like drainage systems, but that we maintain them as well.

“With downtown, unfortunately, our drainage system was designed many years ago, decades ago. So many pipes would now be full of water in the rising tide scenarios and so we get the save and we get a lot of water that just can’t come out as fast as it goes down.

Palacious continued, “We have the data to know what we can expect today and what we can expect in the future, and we know that the high tide season for us in the Bahamas is usually around there. fall to winter.

“We get the highest tides every year usually in that window, so we can plan for that, accordingly, we can set up the drainage and water management systems to deal with future conditions. “



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