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Wendy McCain has announced her resignation as Executive Director of the Struthers Library Theater.

“Three years ago you, the Warren community embraced me and since then your positive feedback has been overwhelming,” McCain told The Times Observer. “Thanks to the generosity of our community and the support of the theater board of directors, great things have happened in the past three years…. “

She emphasized not only the Theater “Pandemic survival” but a series of other achievements – the library room is now equipped with a licensed catering kitchen, the acquisition of a liquor license, the establishment of the Sally’s Encore Theater bar, the restoration of the rehearsal room , a $ 1 million donation from Juliet and Walter Hornburg as well as an introduction of regional acts and an increase in sponsorship and membership. She also highlighted updates to accounting, ticketing and file systems.

McCain said she couldn’t explain in detail why she was leaving, but said the separation was amicable and did not affect her candidacy for a seat on Warren City Council this fall.

“Personally, I am grateful to the community and the Board of Directors of the Theater for making these successes possible”, McCain said. “It was the best job I have ever had in my life, an experience that I loved, appreciated and will cherish forever.”

“Our theater has survived for 138 years and will continue, no matter who is at the helm” McCain added. “I wish continued success with my gratitude for the opportunity given to me to participate.”

Susan Stout, chairman of the board, said the directors received McCain’s resignation letter on Monday morning.

“The council did not have the opportunity to meet and discuss it” she said, although a directors meeting, Stout said, has been scheduled.

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