McDonald’s and 5 other stocks that increased their dividends this week


McDonald’s was among the companies that announced dividend increases last week.

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Lockheed Martin



were among the large U.S. companies that reported dividend increases in the past week.

Fast food company McDonald’s (ticker: MCD) has announced plans to increase its quarterly cash outflows to $ 1.38 per share, up 7% from $ 1.29.

The stock, which returns 2.1%, has returned around 16% this year, including dividends, as of September 23, compared to around 20% for the S&P 500.

Aerospace and defense firm Lockheed Martin (LMT) declared a quarterly dividend of $ 2.80 per share. That’s an increase of almost 8%.

The stock, whose yield is down about 1% since the start of the year, returns 3%.

Exploration and production company ConocoPhillips (COP) said it plans to increase its quarterly dividend by about 7% to 46 cents per share, from 43 cents. The stock, which earns 2.8%, has returned around 63% this year.


(ACN), an advisory firm, declared a quarterly dividend of 97 cents per share, up 10% from 88 cents. The stock, which brought in 33% in 2021, returns 1.1%.

Energy company


(APA) said it would more than double its quarterly payout to 6.25 cents a share, from 2.5 cents.

The stock, which earns 1.1%, has returned around 52% this year.

JPMorgan Chase

(JPM), one of the nation’s largest banks, said it plans to make quarterly disbursements of $ 1 per share, up 11% from 90 cents.

The stock, which has brought in around 29% this year, returns 2.5%.

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