Meet 4 of the New Centene Board Members


Centene announced on December 14 that it would add a total of five new members to its board of directors, with four people already appointed and the fifth yet to be announced.

Here’s what you need to know about each person named.

Ken burdick

Mr. Burdick is a former Vice President of Centene, where he led products and markets until his retirement in January 2021. He joined the Centene leadership team following the acquisition of WellCare, where he was worked for five years, according to Mr. Burdick. LinkedIn profile.

Mr. Burdick was also CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, and served on the board of directors of Preferred Homecare for four years. He was also one of two executives recommended by hedge fund Politan Capital Management during the initial calls for a restructuring of Centene’s board of directors.

Christophe coughlin

According to a Press release by Centene. Most recently, as Chief Financial Officer of Tyco, he divided the company into six entities to create shareholder value.

He was named director of the year 2022 by the New Jersey chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors, the statement said.

Wayne DeVeydt

Prior to being appointed to his current role as executive chairman of the board of directors of Surgery Partners, Mr. DeVeydt had served as CEO and director of the supplier since 2018, according to the press release from Centene.

Previously, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Anthem for almost 10 years. He also served the payer as chief strategy officer, chief accounting officer, chief of staff to the chief executive officer, according to the press release.

Mr. DeVeydt was the second board member recommendation of Politan Capital Management.

Theodore Samuel

Mr. Samuel previously served as chairman of Capital Guardian Trust Co. and global equity portfolio manager at investment management firm Capital Group, according to the Centene press release.

He currently sits on the board of directors of Bristol Myers Squibb and Perrigo.


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