Miller Canfield of Detroit partners with Ukrainian law firm to help with war relief efforts

To help with humanitarian relief, recovery and reconstruction efforts in Ukraine, Miller Canfield of Detroit has partnered with law firm Dictio in Kyiv. // Image bank

Detroit-based law firm Miller Canfield and Kyiv-based law firm Dictio have announced formal affiliations, effective immediately, to better assist clients in the current humanitarian crisis and in recovery and recovery. reconstruction of Ukraine.

In February, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in an effort to prevent its government from joining NATO, among other factors. After the failed invasion in the first month, in which Russia failed to achieve its goal of capturing Kyiv, Ukraine regained parts of its lands along its eastern and southern borders in recent years. weeks.

To date, the Russian invasion has claimed thousands of lives in Ukraine, ruined several towns and villages and displaced more than 13 million people.

“This expansion into Ukraine is a strategic move in an area that is important to Miller Canfield,” said Megan Norris, CEO of Miller Canfield. “With three offices in Poland, we have provided help and advice to many organizations working with Ukrainian refugees, including medical and charity groups. An affiliation with a Ukrainian company will help support and expand these efforts.

Affiliation positions firms to represent clients involved in all aspects of Ukraine’s massive reconstruction initiatives, particularly those involving housing, industrial facilities and infrastructure. Olena Shtohryn, managing partner at Dictio, specializes in construction and real estate law and advises the largest Ukrainian construction confederation.

“We have joined forces just in time to help our customers meet the challenges and seize the opportunities created by the Ukrainian government’s United24 Recovery initiative. Many roads, bridges, utilities, schools and housing projects need to be rebuilt,” says Shtohryn.

The affiliation is expected to benefit clients of both firms as they prepare for Ukraine’s reconstruction. Miller Canfield’s international clients will have access to Dictio’s extensive industry experience and deep understanding of the dynamic legal and institutional environment of contemporary Ukraine. Likewise, Dictio clients will benefit from Miller Canfield’s extensive global legal and business networks.

“Rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure, housing stock and health care facilities will be a colossal undertaking, involving billions in foreign aid to Ukraine and the participation of American and European companies,” said Richard. Walawender, director of Miller Canfield.

“To help clients seize opportunities, Olena’s experience in Ukraine and our Warsaw office’s niche in real estate development will be invaluable, especially as the US government and EU further develop their development plans. Ukrainian revival.”

With more than 200 attorneys, Miller Canfield has 19 offices and affiliate locations in the United States, including Michigan, New York, California, Ohio, Illinois, and Washington, D.C., and internationally in Canada, China, Poland, Mexico and Qatar.

Dictio Law Firm is a Ukrainian boutique law firm that provides legal advice in all areas of business law, with a focus on real estate and construction, domestic and foreign direct investment, dispute resolution and bankruptcy .

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