Montgomery County Security Jennifer Hood, Chief Risk Officer, Elected to National Board of Directors


Montgomery County, Tennessee –Montgomery County Director of Safety and Risk, Jennifer Hood, has been elected to the board of directors of the National Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA).

Hood has been with the county for over 13 years, working for employees to provide a safe work environment, reduce insurance costs, and provide proper care for employees injured on the job.

“Hood is known for her positive attitude and willingness to step up and help others. Being chosen as a PRIMA National Board Member is a big deal that reflects well on Jennifer and Montgomery County as a whole” said Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett.

PRIMA is the world’s largest risk management association dedicated to benefiting the public risk management community for over 40 years. PRIMA membership is made up of more than 1,400 entities who can use the Association as a one-stop-shop for education, training, risk resources and networking. PRIMA absorbed the Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) in 2013 and is overseen by an independent board of six directors comprised of public risk professionals across the United States.

“I am both humbled and honored to be able to serve on the board of such a prestigious organization,” Hood said. I really couldn’t have seen all the blessings I’ve had working in Montgomery County without the help of an amazing risk management team, phenomenal leaders like Mayor Jim Durrett and Chief of Staff Kyle Johnson, elected officials, department heads, county commissioners and the incredible employees of the county. I am proud to be part of the MoCo family.

Under Hood’s leadership, the Risk Management Department has increased safety awareness across all departments, resulting in fewer workplace injuries, saving taxpayer dollars, improving insurance rates and has been essential in working with county departments during the COVID-19 crisis. His vigilance and availability helped the risk management department evolve to where it is today.

Montgomery County is very proud to recognize her for her hard work and all that she has done for our county.


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