Mount Sinai Hospital exits 9/11 Health Show after law firm tries to recruit clients


Mount Sinai Hospital Withdrawn From “9/11 Health Fair” After Personal Injury Law Firm Begins To Use Event To Gain Potential Clients For Claims The Victims’ Compensation Fund, officials told The Post.

Law firm Barasch & McGarry promoted the September 9 event, saying it was co-hosted by Mount Sinai, who treats September 11 responders for illnesses related to their work at the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks.

a RSVP required to attend health show tracks to a law firm website, which asks registrants for contact information, their employer on September 11, and whether they were in Lower Manhattan on September 11 or within eight months. He also gives a phone number for “free case assessment”.

Asked by The Post, Mount Sinai said he never hosted the event, but was asked to provide medics to speak on a panel. Doctors will no longer participate, spokeswoman Lucia Lee said.

A free public health or education event should not be used to find clients to file claims, sources said. Additionally, hospital grant funding prohibits participation with law firms.

Lawyer Michael Barasch said: “Recruiting VCF clients is not the aim of the Salon de la santé”. He said he will announce at the event that people don’t need a lawyer to file claims. But the registration form remained in place.

Mount Sinai told the Post it had never hosted the event in question.
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In another case where the company went too far, Barasch & McGarry was recently forced to remove statements falsely attributed to the WTC’s federal health program from its website. One said that “bladder cancer is disproportionately prevalent in the 9/11 community.” Another said that “people who were in Lower Manhattan on or after September 11 have a much higher risk of developing blood cancer.”

The WTC’s health program denied these findings and called the two statements “misleading.”

Meanwhile, the United Federation of Teachers is co-hosting the September 9 health fair and is accepting the law firm‘s participation, a spokesperson said. Northwell Health in Queens, which also treats 9/11 responders, has confirmed it will co-host a similar health fair on Long Island on September 12.

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