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OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Center is gearing up to open in Taiwan later this summer.

“The long-awaited Taipei Performing Arts Center in Taiwan was completed by Rem Koolhaas-led studio OMA ahead of the official opening on August 7, 2022. Commissioned by the Taipei City Government in 2009, the cultural landmark of 59,000 square meters has a distinctive shape with three auditoriums protruding from a central cuboid volume. Pritzker Architecture Prize-winner Koolhaas, who spearheaded the design alongside OMA Managing Partner David Gianotten, wanted the building to stand out from “standardized” contemporary theaters built in major cities around the world. —[H/T Dezeen]

California decides whether or not to build a desalination plant as drought intensifies.

“California officials are poised to decide the fate of a controversial desalination plant planned along its southern coast, in a vote that comes as the American West battles an increasingly perilous drought. Water use in California jumped 19% in March, amid one of the driest months on record. After more than a decade of debate, the California Coastal Commission will finally vote Thursday on a proposed $1.4 billion desalination plant in Huntington Beach, south of Los Angeles. Desalination plants, which convert seawater into drinking water, have long been seen as a possible solution as residents, developers and policymakers seek to capture water crashing against California’s shores. —[H/T The Guardian]

Consulting firm Arup will receive the National Building Museum’s Honor Award this year.

“Industry-leading consulting firm Arup will receive an Honor Award from the National Building Museum as part of the institution’s annual awards gala on June 16. The 76-year-old consultancy, which has eleven offices across the country, is being honored for its “seven decades of collaboration and creativity dedicated to shaping a better world through the built environment.” The museum is also working with Arup to display its proprietary mLab technology through August 15, providing climate-focused content to visitors to the Washington, DC institution. —[H/T Archinect]

Deana Lawson wins prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation award.

“Deana Lawson, a photographer whose work is currently the subject of a traveling survey in the United States, has won the award from the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation. Although it only comes with £30,000 (about $36,600), the prize is considered one of the most important dedicated to photography. Artists such as Trevor Paglen, Walid Raad, Juergen Teller, Cao Fei and Andreas Gursky are among the previous winners. Lawson is best known for her portraits of black men and women often posed in domestic settings. —[H/T ARTnews]

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala dress continues to anger museum and textile conservators.

“Following an outpouring of public outrage, largely from textile conservators, over Kim Kardashian wearing an iconic Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala, the International Council of Museums has released new guidelines on handling historical clothing. Although she only wore the dress on the museum’s red carpet and transformed into a replica once inside, restorers, including the former head of the fashion conservation department of the Met, Sarah Scarturro, lambasted the socialite.[H/T Artnet News]

Coinbase says its potential bankruptcy could completely wipe out its users’ funds.

“Hidden in Coinbase Global’s disappointing first-quarter earnings report — in which the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange reported a quarterly loss of $430 million and a 19% drop in the number of monthly users – lies an update on the risks of using Coinbase’s service that may come as a surprise to its millions of users.If the crypto exchange fails, Coinbase says, its users could also lose all cryptocurrency stored in their accounts.[H/T Fortune]

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