Oshkosh School Board to Vote on Director of Human Resources Resignation; acting director to start next week

Belynda Pinkston, left, will be replaced on an interim basis by Michael Nault.

By Miles Maguire

The Oshkosh Area School District Human Resources Manager is resigning and will be replaced on an interim basis by someone who previously held the position.

Belynda Pinkston will quit the $137,000-a-year job beginning June 30, according to a resolution to be voted on by the Board of Education at its Wednesday meeting.

Pinkston will be replaced on an interim basis by Michael Nault, who served as executive director of human resources from 2012 to 2016, according to his LinkedIn profile. His social media currently describes him as retired.

“Dr. Pinkston’s resignation is due to his personal reasons,” Superintendent Bryan Davis said. He said Nault will take the position effective Feb. 1.

“The position will be posted when the board approves the resignation of Dr. Pinkston with an expected start date for a new director of July 1,” Davis said.

Pinkston was hired in 2018 as former Superintendent Vickie Cartwright began her tenure at Oshkosh. Like Cartwright, Pinkston moved here from Florida, albeit from a different school district.

Pinkston had spent 12 years as a teacher and 21 as an administrator when she started at Oshkosh.

A press release at the time stated that Pinkston’s previous experience included “the roles of Executive Director for Exceptional Student Education, Executive Director of Career and Technical Education, and Principal and Deputy Principal of high school, and as a middle and high school social studies teacher. .”

She was not immediately available for comment.

His departure from the neighborhood is brutal. She was quoted in a Tuesday press release promoting an upcoming job fair and describing Oshkosh as offering “a welcoming and engaging work environment.”


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