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The Pasadena Unified School District Board of Education plans to implement new strategies to enhance its overall goal of improving the board’s communication systems with the public.

Among the plans discussed by the board on Thursday, May 12, is the development of a column space on the PUSD website where board members can write feature articles to attract more people to the website and spread the information to the public. The content of the articles remains to be determined.

PUSD President Elizabeth Pomeroy said the plan will help improve the council’s communications with the public “so that people get to know us, what we do and what our initiatives are”.

The council also provides for council members to speak at district council meetings and hold community forums in the community.

In addition, the PUSD Board also plans to hold team community forums, increase Board presence at public events, and represent the Board in booths at venues. public.

Pomeroy and board member Jennifer Hall Lee noted that students could occupy the booth as part of their community service.

“We can go to the superintendent and say this is something that should be on the list of community service options. I think we will get great benefits out of it,” said Hall Lee.

Further details on how the board will implement all of its plans were not provided, but the board has identified the resources needed for implementation, including support from PUSD staff, board members who cohesively write articles for the website and coordinate with City Council members. field representatives, among others.

“I think it’s pretty clear, like we said with our first set of goals, that some of us will do some of these things and some of us will do others and together we’ll create a good strong communication network with the public,” Pomeroy said.

Besides the goal of improving its communication systems to reach out more to the community, another “self-improvement” goal that PUSD has set is to “build trust among board members.”

According to the staff report, the board will achieve this by increasing the number of meetings and interactions among board members, conducting pre- and post-assessment of board relationships, attending community meetings together, and increasing opportunities to network outside of council events, among other activities.

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