Pittsfield school board member abruptly leaves, in previously seen scene


Posted: 09/26/2021 17:00:13 PM

Another member of the Pittsfield school board – the third since last spring – resigned without notice.

This time, Jessica Drouin left her post at the forum this month. She declined to reveal precisely why she quit, but her email to To watch On Thursday, she hinted that she was concerned about Pittsfield’s future and was no longer comfortable serving as an elected official.

“My heart hurts for the community and the current situation the Pittsfield School District faces,” said Drouin. “I just hope that whoever occupies this seat has the strength to stand up for what is best for current and future students in the District.”

The president of the school board, Adam Gauthier, could not be reached for comment.

In April, Bea Douglas and Ted Mitchell resigned due to what Gauthier said in an email was for “health and personal reasons.” It’s unfortunate to lose them and the amount of experience they brought to the table.

It was not known exactly when the couple quit. They had given no indication that they were planning to leave before the end of their tenure, a move that shocked many residents and officials. Neither could be reached for comment.

Douglas and Mitchell have been replaced by Molly Goggin and Diane Rider.

Although this is an elected position, the school board chooses new members to fill vacant board positions, an issue that in other cities in the past has created friction between residents and the board.

Meanwhile, Drouin said in her email that her resignation doesn’t mean she won’t stay focused on the town of Pittsfield.

“That I do and always will be a part of my community,” said Drouin, “I have resigned my elected seat on the school board, but that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to fight for what I think I am. best for Pittsfield students.


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