Quincy Public School Board Elects New President


QUINCY (WGEM) – Quincy School Board member Shelley Arns was unanimously elected to complete Sayeed Ali’s term as president at a special board meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Arns said that with her teacher training, she plans to ensure students have a seamless curriculum to follow from kindergarten through high school.

“I would like to continue the work that Sayeed has done in our just being open with the public… communicating our goals, and where we would like to go as well by being open with the finances. I know that is always something important. to communicate to the community to ensure that we are fiscally responsible with the taxpayer dollars we spend,” Arns said.

She said she wanted to be upfront with how the district is doing when it comes to things like graduation rates and finances.

“We want to make sure we’re giving our students the best education possible,” she said. “The graduation rate is one of those things that shows how well we’re doing it and so I really want to make sure that we’re showing the community that we’re doing a good job of educating our students through that statistic and also then once they graduate, they enter the job market or university and wherever they want.

Board Member Rachel Petty was also elected Board Vice Chair until April 2023.

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