Recall election against school board member will not go ahead | News


The recall effort against a local school board member did not receive enough signatures to force a special election, according to a letter from the Genesee County Clerk.

“Please note that there are not enough signatures to move forward with a recall election for Davison School Board Member Matthew Michael Smith,” Genesee County Clerk John Gleason said in a statement. a letter.

Smith, Genesee County Republican Party chairman and Davison School Board member, pleaded guilty to malicious use of telecommunications services after a Houghton County clerk said he threatened to kill his dogs. Smith denies making the threat and called it an “annoying” phone call he made.

On January 18, the Clerk’s Office received approximately 4,025 signatures on recall petition sheets. After the initial investigation on January 21, the office forwarded the sheets to several local clerk’s offices to review the signatures.

On February 4, all clerk’s offices returned petition sheets to the Genesee County Clerk’s Office.

The required number of valid signatures to pursue a revocable election is 3,689. After reviewing the signatures, the number of valid signatures stands at 3,593, according to the letter sent by the registry.

Smith released this statement to TV5 about recall efforts not receiving enough signatures:

“Many signed the petition because they were told lies and wrongfully smeared me for over a year in a coordinated effort.

God allowed it to be concluded in a way that the truth was revealed.

I’m glad it’s over and my school district won’t have to bear the expense of an unnecessary election.

Now we focus on children; where he should be. While exposing real local corruption, and there is a lot of it.

Forward and upward for the best for my students at Davison School.


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