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SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif .– After months of dealing with meeting interruptions and personal threats, school boards in San Diego and beyond are asking for help. Most of the negative reactions are related to the warrants of the masks and vaccines.

School board meetings across the country have turned into howling matches. In some cases, people have been assaulted.

“We are not used to this level of harassment, verbal abuse and threats,” said Dr Darshana Patel, member of the Poway Unified School Board.

Dr. Patel is also president of the San Diego School Boards Association.

Last month, its board of directors was forced to end its meeting after protesters broke in.

In San Diego County alone, Dr Patel said about 10 districts have recently had disruptive meetings, making it difficult to carry out their duties.

“Important and urgent information is going on for the affairs of our school district and when our meetings are disrupted like this, we cannot carry out those matters and it is our students who ultimately suffer,” said Dr. Patel.

The California School Boards Association sent a letter asking both Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta to encourage local law enforcement agencies to step in, saying they are not doing much to help as there is no protocol standard.

“It is not the norm, but we are seeing more cases that we are more than comfortable with where when the law enforcement agency reports, it does not enforce mask warrants. or compliance with other laws, ”said Troy, spokesperson for the CSBA. Flint.

Flint said it wasn’t just about disruption in meetings. Members of school boards have been threatened and even followed.

In Coronado, following a tortilla-throwing incident during a basketball game, a school board member‘s address was posted online and tortillas were left on his windshield .

Flint and Dr Patel both said intervention was needed now before things got worse.

“We want them to recognize that there is a serious problem and take action that could prevent a tragedy,” Flint said.

“The First Amendment is a nice amendment. It gives the public a voice, but not when it endangers the lives of others,” said Dr Patel.

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