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Lelia conlin

The Vail Daily is hosting Q&A with the 11 candidates vying for five seats on the Eagle County Schools Education Board. The questionnaires will take place in the order in which the candidates appear on the ballot paper. All principals are generally elected in county elections, which means that eligible voters in the school district vote for one candidate from each principal district. The ballots will be mailed out on October 8.

name: Lélia Conlin

Occupation: Structural engineer

Place of residence: Vail

Length of residence in Eagle County: 17 years

District Director: District B (Avon Elementary, Homestake Peak School, Red Sandstone Elementary, Berry Creek Middle School and Battle Mountain High School)

Have you served on any other boards / commissions / councils in Eagle County or elsewhere? I am or have been on the following forums:

  • Inman Park Cooperative Preschool: Board of Directors
  • Red sandstone primary school: responsibility committee
  • Community Engineering Corps: Technical Review Committee and Steering Committee
  • Engineers Without Borders: Structural Committee
  • Gray Construction: Charitable Grants Committee

Tell us about your volunteer experiences, your involvement in education, and your service to the community in which you live. How will these experiences enable you to add value to the board?

I have always devoted time to the community. Today I am involved in the Eagle Valley community through the Town of Vail Public Library, the Red Sandstone Elementary School Accountability Committee and as a member of the PTO School .

Volunteering is rewarding work for me, and I believe in supporting the community in any way possible.

What has your interaction been so far with the Eagle County School District?

My daughter attends Red Sandstone Elementary School in Vail, where I volunteer as much time as possible.

What value will you bring to the school board?

I hope to bring my experiences as a resident and parent of Vail to this vital oversight role. From my decades of working as an engineer, I hope to bring a mindset of respect, interdisciplinary collaboration, and problem solving to all board issues.

Why do you want to sit on the school board?

Public schools are the cornerstone of a strong community. I am running for the Eagle County School Board to support our school district’s mission, serve the children of the district, and represent our community as a whole.

What did the current school board do well? And what could he have done better?

The school board and district were successful in keeping schools open throughout the 2020-21 school year. Their support for wellness and mental health in our community is commendable, but more needs to be done in these difficult times. Most importantly, the recruitment and retention of educators and staff forms the basis of all other district goals. The school board should make additional efforts to meet this challenge.

If you are elected, what is the main thing you would like to see the school board accomplish throughout your term?

I do not have a personal agenda and I hope to reflect the wishes of the community I would represent. But as a district and a community, there is always room for improvement. I support the district’s strategic goals for well-being, equity and multi-level support systems. Through these goals, I would work with schools and the community to provide additional support for our students and staff to be the best they can be.

In recent years, Eagle County Schools has made equity practices a priority in its classrooms. Do you think the district is meeting the needs of all students as well? What could he do better to bridge the achievement gaps between students?

We have just had a difficult year. I hope the district will expand its efforts to focus on the mental and physical well-being of staff, teachers and students. A solid foundation of mental, emotional and physical well-being will help achieve other goals around equity and academic success.

What progress can be made to address the staffing challenges within the school district?

While labor shortages are not a new problem in Eagle County, the pandemic has escalated the problem. Competitive salaries are essential to recruit and retain exceptional educators and staff. The Eagle County School District needs to consider how we stack up against other mountain districts that offer a similar lifestyle and face similar challenges. We should consider investing in both staffing and compensation for educators when it comes to allocating funds.

The school district and board should also consider additional non-salary support for staff and their families, such as housing and child care.

What specific improvements would you like to see made in the area of ​​student learning / curriculum?

Eagle County School District offers a wide variety of programs for our community.

I work in a very data driven industry. Therefore, as a parent and a member of the board, I would expect the Eagle County School District to continue to assess its choice of study programs based on the desired outcomes of those programs. Proactive changes must be made when goals are not met.



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