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This logo was preferred by staff and focus groups, but not by the Alexandria School Board. (By ACPS)

After months of work, two logo redesigns for Alexandria City Public Schools have been sent back to the drawing board.

Last Thursday evening (June 16), the school board voted 7 to 2 against the staff’s preferred option. Only council members Willie Bailey and Christopher Harris voted for the preferred logo option.

“Obviously it’s not spreading,” school board president Meagan Alderton said at the meeting. “Which is good. I don’t think we want to do something just to do it.

In February, after asking a graphic designer to create 10 logo concepts, the Alexandria Public Schools Communications Office created three separate focus groups, which spent months narrowing down the designs to two favorites.

“Iyou seems As this would have be useful at perhaps have a really concise message this we were trying at to transmit, and obtain feedback of people and if the logo has been convey this message,” said Board Member Michelle Rief. “I am concerned this some people may Actually have a hard time same reading the letters, the way they or they appear in both of those messages.”

Both picks garnered more than 4,300 votes across multiple platforms. The preferred option – lowercase letters with dots – got 2,167 votes (50.3%). The second option received 2,141 votes (49.7%).

The second logo option for ACPS. (By ACPS)

“It’s interesting how the community was split 50-50 on both logos,” Vice President Jacinta Greene said. “Have we considered asking our very talented ACPS students to submit potential logos like we did for Alexandria City High School and Naomi L. Brooks Elementary School?”

Julia Burgos, CSPA’s school and community relations manager, said asking students to design the school system’s official logo was risky.

“If we went the student route, we have to take something from the students, and if there was something that wasn’t going to be representative, we don’t want to insult the students,” Burgos said. “That was one of the concerns because if it’s the logo for the whole organization, the schools themselves, and the student representation for the schools, it was a little less risky.”

Staff were hoping to launch the new logo next month on the CSPA website and sync with our website redesign project scheduled to launch in July 2022.



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