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A lawyer involved in the shocking latest developments in the Murdaugh Murders saga, along with his law firm, have reached a settlement in the pending lawsuit on behalf of Gloria Satterfield – the housekeeper to Alex Murdaugh’s family when she died suspiciously in 2018 following a “trip and fall” incident at the Murdaugh’s home.

Eric Bland – an attorney from Columbia, South Carolina who is representing Satterfield’s two sons in a recently filed lawsuit alleging civil conspiracy and stolen funds in connection with Satterfield’s wrongful death settlement – announced the settlement of Cory fleming and his law firm Moss, Kuhn and Fleming on Sunday night.

The settlement was reached less than two weeks after FITSNews published a shocking report on Fleming’s alleged role in a scheme to take millions of dollars from Satterfield’s sons after his $4.3 million secret settlement was approved in 2019.

Before the new settlement was reached on Friday, Satterfield’s two sons had not received a single penny from their mother’s wrongful death settlement.

“Mr. Fleming and his firm have agreed that the estate will be reimbursed for all legal fees and expenses that Mr. Fleming and his law firm received out of the $ 4,300,000 they recovered for the estate under of claims against Alex Murdaugh for the death of Gloria Satterfied, ”Bland said in a press release.“ In addition, their malpractice insurance company has agreed to pay the estate the full limits of the policy insurance. “

Bland said Cory Fleming, who was Alex Murdaugh’s best friend, finally decided to do the right thing after the complaint was filed.

Fleming apparently turned on Alex Murdaugh and claimed he and his law firm were duped by the disgraced lawyer.

“Mr. Fleming and his law firm claim that they, like others, were victims of the Alex Murdaugh fraud scheme,” Bland said.

But is it even possible that Fleming doesn’t know that his own clients have been duped by the millions?

Lawsuit accuses Alex Murdaugh of conspiring with Fleming and their banker friend Chad Westendorf to convince the Satterfield sons to let them take over the estate.

Court documents appear to show that the circuit judge Carmen mullen signed on $ 4.3 million secret settlement in 2019.

According to the documents, which were just released in September,$ 2.8 million of this settlement was supposed to go to the sons of Satterfield.

How can Fleming consider himself a competent lawyer when he hasn’t noticed that his clients are missing millions of dollars in their settlements?

However, Satterfield’s two sons – Brian harriott and Tony satterfield – never received a cent in the settlement, according to the motion. Her sons were the sole beneficiaries of Gloria’s estate.

The petition was not placed on the court file, which constitutes a major procedural violation. Indeed, none of these documents essential to the settlement process were correctly entered.

The documents – which were secretly filed in April and May 2019 as the Murdaughs had just emerged into the media spotlight following the fatal boat crash that killed Mallory Beach – also did not mysteriously indicate the name of Alex Murdaugh as accused. He appears to have convinced the court to remove his name – a luxury most South Carolina citizens do not have when they admit fault in the wrongful death of another human being.

Bland told FITSNews that this settlement was made as part of an elaborate plan that began shortly after Satterfield’s death in February 2018.

Gloria’s family learned that Gloria tripped on the steps of the Murdaugh’s former home on Holly Street in Hampton, SC on February 2, 2018. They were told the Murdaughs’ dogs tripped her – causing a fall which caused him trauma. cerebral lesion – brain-damage.

At Gloria’s funeral, Alex allegedly started taunting his sons and convinced them to hire his friend Cory Fleming to get money for their mother’s death, according to Bland.

However, Satterfield’s sons were unaware that Fleming was Murdaugh’s former roommate in college, Paul Murdaugh’s best friend and godfather.

He also convinced Gloria’s sons that they needed a banker (Westendorf) as their personal representative for Gloria’s estate, according to the lawsuit.

Bland later learned that Alex Murdaugh’s insurance company had actually been in business for over $ 4.3 million – with $2.8 million that was supposed to go to his customers.

Murdaugh and Fleming apparently claimed they were making a structured settlement for the Satterfield sons, although this was never disclosed in court. Essentially, it would work like a trust – instead of getting a lump sum, the applicant would receive more money over time with tax breaks.

Murdaugh claimed he opened an annuity account for Satterfield’s sons through a company called Forge Consulting LLC.

“The only problem is that Cory never received any documents from Forge and he follows the instructions of the defendant (Murdaugh), who tells him after taking your fees, write the check to” Forge “and send it to a box. mailing in Hampton, South Carolina.

Alex Murdaugh allegedly told Fleming to write checks to “Forge” – not Forge Consulting LLC – after setting up an account with that name.

“Alex Murdaugh opened a bank account at the Bank of America under the name Forge, cashed the check and walked away with the money,” Bland said.

Bland said Fleming, his law firm and the Satterfields would release more information about the settlement later this week.

The trial is far from over.

“The estate will continue to pursue other guilty parties who resist accepting responsibility on their part in this tragic case,” Bland said.

Other inquiries related to Fleming

Cory Fleming is linked to the three death inquiries that are also linked to the Murdaugh family – Gloria Satterfield, Stephen Smith and Mallory Beach.

In the Stephen Smith case, Fleming’s former client Patrick Wilson was suspected of being involved in the investigation after a soldier began to focus on Buster murdaugh as a potential person of interest. Wilson’s office dropped the charges after that.

And in the 2019 boat accident, Alex Murdaugh reportedly said Connor cook essentially the same thing he told the sons of Satterfield – that Fleming was a good lawyer who could be trusted and that he would support him.

Now Connor Cook is suing Alex Murdaugh for essentially conspiring to trap him in the boat crash investigation.

Unlike Murdaugh, Fleming was not suspended by the South Carolina Supreme Court and is still a practicing lawyer.



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