The first members of the board of directors appointed for the Conseil des arts


Today artists, creators and makers have a new organization that will seek to support, promote and represent their interests in Timmins. The Independent Arts Council for Timmins (IACT) has announced the first members of its board of directors to lead the not-for-profit model that will soon be incorporated on behalf of the regional arts community.

Initially formulated as part of Timmins’ Cultural Master Plan and Vision 2020 Strategic Plan, the need to establish an Arts Council was identified as a major concern. A Steering Committee was formed in 2018, made up of Nicola Alexander and Cameron Grant, members of the Arts Sphere, to assist in the research, development and subsequent creation of the framework necessary to ensure the success of IACT. Through a partnership with the NORDIK Institute and Arts Build Ontario, the Steering Committee emboldened the direction of the Council and began by recruiting members of the Board of Directors.

According to the terms of reference of the organization, seven organizations have been invited to join the Council, at present the following five have signed up and will be constituted as follows:

  • Porcupine Art Club;
  • Porcupine Weavers and Spinners Guild;
  • Take two theaters;
  • Timmins Concert Singers; and
  • Timmins Symphony Orchestra and Choir.

The terms of reference indicate that other organizations that meet the criteria described and are invited to apply to the Board. In addition, Nicola Alexander and Cameron Grant, members of the Steering Committee, will remain in advisory positions to ensure a smooth transition of authority on the Board.

“We are extremely happy to finally see the wording of this long-awaited Council come to life,” said Nicola Alexander. “It took three years of critical research, awareness and engagement to ensure that the framework necessary to support this committee was properly informed. We now believe that this group will be able to lead our arts community through recovery by strengthening the artistic landscape of Timmins with a focus on community benefit.

To address these shared concerns; the roles and responsibilities of the Arts Council will seek to include the following; defend the interest of building a stronger artistic community, establish and maintain a coordinated calendar of events, establish a collaborative promotion platform and a database of volunteers, facilitate networking, funding and partnership opportunities, promote professional development through workshops and skills building opportunities, and better support access to performance and creation spaces.

“In our research, we found that communities that house an arts council have been very successful in coordinating grants and funding for local artists as well as advocating for appropriate and affordable creators and event spaces,” Cameron Grant added. “Timmins deserves to support the artists who make up the fabric of our community, and with this advice, we hope to see that dream come true. “

To date, the Steering Committee has launched two reports, informed in close consultation with members of the Timmins arts community and, over the coming months, the IACT will endeavor to incorporate itself as an official council for purpose. non-profit in order to better serve our regional artists and creators.

If someone would like to be added to the IACT mailing list, they should send an email to [email protected] and indicate how they identify as a stakeholder, for example if they are a creator, consumer or facilitator.


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