Traverse City Law Firm To Be Featured In Sunday’s “60 Minutes”

By Craig Manning | 22 November 2021

If you agree 60 minutes on CBS next Sunday, you’ll hear a little bit about a company in Traverse City and the work they do across the country. According to local attorney Douglas E. Fierberg, owner of the downtown-based Fierberg National Law Group, the main story of the Nov. 28 episode of 60 minutes will explore sibling violence and his company’s work on it.

“Among other things, our firm manages cases of school violence and fraternity hazing deaths across the country,” Fierberg said. The Ticker. “One of our cases concerns the death of Sam Martinez at Washington State University. 60 minutes reached out to do in-depth coverage of this issue, as well as other high-risk circumstances in the fraternity industry that result in numerous injuries and deaths each year.

Martinez died of alcohol poisoning in November 2019 after a party at a Washington State University fraternity. He was then a 19-year-old freshman and pledged to join the fraternity in question, Alpha Tau Omega. Martinez’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the fraternity and the university last year, claiming that Martinez and another pawn had been given a half-gallon of hard liquor by older members of the fraternity and that ‘they had to drink all the contents by the end of the night. The trial is still ongoing, although three former members of the fraternity pleaded guilty in September charges of providing alcohol to a minor.

Fierberg’s company took charge many other high-profile national cases related to hazing and binge drinking in fraternities, including cases of sexual assault and traumatic injury. One of them was the death of Steven Petz, a Ferris State University student in northern Michigan, died of alcohol poisoning linked to hazing in 2000.

Fierberg says 60 minutes Took him to New York in August to be interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

60 minutes airs Sunday nights at 7 p.m. on CBS.


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