Waymark Announces New Board Member; Industry leader and strategist to provide expertise supporting business expansion



Posted: October 12, 2021 at 1:19 PM CDT|Update: 19 minutes ago

DETROIT, 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Waymark today announced that John kennedy joined their board of directors. The universally accessible video platform for businesses, media companies and agencies will be able to use Kennedy’s vision and experience working with sales and marketing executives from global companies.

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John kennedy has decades of experience partnering with CEOs and senior management teams to bring clarity and cohesion to their vision and business strategy, ”said Nathan Labenz, Founder and CEO of Waymark. “He is exactly the missing piece that will allow Waymark to expand our services and reach new, larger clients. In his short time with us, we have already entered into new partnerships and are looking forward to add more. “

Given Kennedy’s previous experience as a marketing director at several state-owned companies, he immediately recognized the potential of Waymark’s video creation platform as a solution not only applicable to small businesses, but as a potentially transformative tool for large companies. His experience working across a wide range of industries and company sizes provides the buyer information and industry contacts essential for Waymark’s next stage of growth.

“Video has become the preferred medium of communication and personalized video has the greatest impact. Large companies are struggling to meet the demand for large-scale personalized video, ”Kennedy said. “Having lived on the buying side for a product like this, I am excited about Waymark’s potential in the business arena and look forward to helping it reach its full potential.”

For more details, visit waymark.com.

About Waymark: Waymark enables anyone to create videos in seconds with its online editing tools and premium video templates. Through its technology and partnerships with media companies and businesses, the company strives to make high-quality creations accessible to businesses around the world. Waymark’s online video creation platform makes it possible to create high-quality personalized videos, affordably and quickly, for everyone from global brands to small businesses. Waymark is headquartered at Detroit, Michigan, and is online at Waymark.com.

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