World Economic Forum welcomes PCA Executive Director Jonathan Fantini Porter


During the presentation, Fantini Porter noted that “in the past 90 days since the Partnership for central America was launched, this coalition of civil society actors has produced real results on the ground, in particular the supply of the first coffee beans from Honduras and El Salvador and innovate on the first Internet connectivity projects. As we strive to provide Internet access to 4 million homes, banking services to 5 million people and support 250,000 farmers, these early achievements are signals of the potential of our partners to reduce poverty and create jobs for the future. ”

The partnership for central America is a non-profit organization created in response to a call to action from the vice president Kamala harris, in its role of overseeing diplomacy towards the Northern Triangle and Mexico. The partnership aims to coordinate practical solutions to advance economic opportunities, address pressing climate, education and health challenges, and promote long-term investments and the capacity of the workforce to grow. ” support of a vision of hope for central America.

Panel speakers included the CEO of Nespresso Guillaume Le Cunff, World Economic Forum Young world leader Salvador Biguria, Deputy Under-Secretary of State Emilie Mendrala, Pro Mujer Director of Strategic Partnerships María Liliana mor, and Marisol Argueta de Barillas, member of the executive committee of the World Economic Forum

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SOURCE Partnership for central America

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