YouTube deletes, then restores Illinois school board video



JOHNSBURG, Ill. (AP) – YouTube has removed a video of a suburban Chicago school board meeting because the social media platform determined it may be spreading disinformation about COVID-19.

But the video’s disappearance was short-lived, and a school board member said it was not clear why YouTube initially deleted the video.

After YouTube removed the video from a Johnsburg School District 12 board meeting, the video was restored on Friday. In restoring the video, YouTube cited an exemption from its policies regarding when videos should be removed, The Northwest Herald reported.

The Chicago Northwestern Suburban School District was working to appeal the removal before the video was restored on Friday, said Steve Link, District 12 School Board member.

Link said the board had not been made aware of what was said or shown on video of the meeting that YouTube initially found in violation of its policies.

At Tuesday’s meeting, a handful of people urged District 12 officials to make the masks optional for all students, whether or not they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Some have raised concerns about heart problems resulting from COVID-19 vaccines and argued that children do not spread the virus.

District 12 decided to make face coverings optional for all students, but recommended that those who have not been vaccinated continue to wear masks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Illinois Department of Public Health have said unvaccinated staff and students should wear masks in classrooms for the coming year.



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